Alternate visions of reality: A real kiss from Her…

In one of an alternate reality in the multiverse, there is a joyous version of me, longing and being at the end with Her.

It’s a vision of a moment that for sure is not from this reality. It’s not a dream because it seems so real, but also I feel that it is not with this body, although the same soul.
I wonder, could a soul have more bodies in the multiverse, while being unchanged in its core?!
Could a soul live in more alternate realities at once having more bodies?!

I went to a party with Her and friends as a guest.
It was the first time in reality when our eyes had met, and our hands touched greeting Her.
Her sister had to break the mirage of our connection from that moment which wasn’t going to end.
After some drinks, and it appears the actions of my being are the same as in this reality, being more than funny, sang a song at the guitar in Korean, old music.
I don’t know how or why I could sing, but I never heard that song. Maybe again it’s from another realm.
In the end, Her sat down next to me, resting her head on my foot, looking deep into my eyes.
It was like an invitation to kiss her lips to seal the union of our souls.
And I didn’t think twice, just followed the inner feeling to kiss and taste gentle her lips.
And everything else stopped feeling inside the eternity over space and time of that moment.

That moment still haunts my mind as wishful thinking. Strange enough, my heart feels like it already happened to perceive as a reality, while my senses are in clouds of love.

Korean Traditional Song ARIRANG (아리랑) – Erica Cho

아리랑 (Arirang)
Guitar arranged and covered by Erica Cho

So Hyang – Arirang Alone

So Hyang – Arirang Alone | 소향 – 홀로 아리랑 [Immortal Songs 2]

The Story of Arirang

The Name of Korean
Korean Traditional Folk Song.
Main Theme Song of 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup

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