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By Raz Mihal

Hearts Of Love

Mystic Book

‘Since ancient times, a supreme force, which cannot be described by the words, which has an existence in itself, has governed and ruled through the hearts of people and through the very ‘heart of existence’ – nature.

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A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places.

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Coming Soon!

Available 2021?!

Just Love Her

Reality Based / Mystic Fiction

Join me in the journey to know Her on the path to the enlightenment through Divine Love.

Available 2022…?!

The Goddess Within

Science Fiction

Seoul became the center of the most advanced technologies over 100 years in the future.
Could a biotechnological android feel love and have a soul?!

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Past lives inside dreams

Memories of my Self: Past lives inside dreams… For a few years ago dreams are not like common dreams anymore.And since there are so many and full of feelings at different times and places… It...

Moments in time with Her

Visions: Moments in time with Her - realities unleashed... Many moments with Her come to my memories of the soul akasha taken from the time capsules floating on the ocean waves of time blowing off...

The higher state of conciousness

Visions: A higher state of consciousness... Just love Her it means literally to don't take any action or do anything to bother the beloved soul image.It means to love so deep her soul that...

One-way love

Visions: One-way love - 'axis of time'... It has been quite a long time since a moment with Her hit me straight in the deeps of my heart. A glimpse of a moment with her soul image made my heart...

The immutable law of Divine Love

Deep meditation: The immutable law of Divine Love... It's a sure thing that divine love connects with our soul through our heart all the time.We are not aware of this connection because we lost the...

Someone to love

Deep meditation:Someone to love - the stage to start the path of enlightenment through divine love... When we found someone to love through divine love feeling reflected in our hearts, we become...

The secret about mantras and prayers

Deep meditation: The hidden secret about mantras and prayers... Mantras and prayers repeated daily connect our existence with the realm of divinity. A mantra - repeating the same words continuously...

Mantras – praying of divine love

Deep meditation: The practice and benefits of mantras - prayers of divine love… Prayers and mantras of divine love are slightly different from other beliefs due to heart feelings being more personal...

Divine Love Trinity

Deep meditation: Divine Love Trinity… I call 'soul image' the pure reflection of the soul in human being existence. When we are aware of the Trinity of Divine Love realm and the manifestation into...

Lost my Self into her eyes

Lost my Self into her eyes - Just Love Her… Since divine love revealed her eyes to my heart, whenever I go back inside, closing the gates of sight to the outside world, my soul dwell into my heart...

Times of silence

Deep Meditation: Times of silence - Just Love Her… There are times when no words needed to express the feelings. Only silence listening to love whispers for Her. Any thoughts born from the deeps of...

Just spread Love

Deep meditation: Just spread the love… Along the time, for dozens of years living with divine love awareness and consciousness in my heart, the scent of its existence dispersing around to other...

Life is a meditation

Deep meditation: Life is a meditation… Living life with awareness and consciousness on this Earth can help our souls for aeons or else send their existence into oblivion. Meditation proved from...

Evolution of Enlightenment

Deep meditation: Evolution of enlightenment - the process that never ends... Once reached the enlightenment, most people believe that powers and divine realms open inside our minds and...

A heart full of divine love

Daily meditation: A heart full of divine love sees only beautiful, and good qualities in the loved one - hearts of love. A heart full of love cherishes every moment together with the loved one,...

Science of divine love

Daily meditation: Science of divine love - heart is proof of its existence… Miracles exist until science prove that is reasoning or a good explanation and fact behind it.After that, the magic of...

Shadow of divine love feeling

Daily meditation: Shadow of divine love feeling - take the courage to jump in the unknown… Many souls out there are afraid to admit the feeling of love inside their hearts.Moreover, they run as far...

Realities or only one reality?!

Deep meditation: Is there only one reality or more realities than the mind can imagine?! Back in the UK… Back home.It feels the distance so profound that it's no question in the future about...

One thousand kisses of love for Her

Daily meditation of love: One thousand kisses (천번의 입맞춤) of divine love feeling for Her delivered over her soul image existence… I had the most beautiful dream with Her.Being with her soul image...

Last moments of Seoul

Daily meditation: Last moments of contemplation while in Seoul, Korea… Sorrow… Felt like leaving home and family although nothing, in reality, is waiting for me in these places (or I'm not aware of)...

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