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By Raz Mihal

Hearts Of Love

Mystic Book

‘Since ancient times, a supreme force, which cannot be described by the words, which has an existence in itself, has governed and ruled through the hearts of people and through the very ‘heart of existence’ – nature.

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A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places.

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Coming Soon!

Available 2020

Just Love Her

Reality Based / Mystic Fiction

Join me in the journey to know Her on the path to the enlightenment through Divine Love.

Available 2022?!

The Goddess Within

Science Fiction

Seoul became the center of the most advanced technologies over 100 years in the future.
Could a biotechnological android feel love and have a soul?!

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Every day is a new beginning and end

Daily meditation: Every day is a new beginning and end - it's a celebration of lost and found love For a long time, celebrations for different events and time passing year ending became a daily sentiment inside my heart. Every day it feels like the first and the last...

The right time

Daily meditation: The right time for things to happen Why now?! Why not other time in the past?! Why?! The beauty of why. Everything happens for a reason. And the right time is now. My mind is empty some days, and feelings are going to the roof of my mind. Some...

Loving Her just because

Daily meditation: Loving Her just because and not because of anything else When you love someone just because, without any expectations or because of different things that your mind consider suitable to be liked, your life is not a normal one for sure, it looks from...

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