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Just Love HER

Take a Journey into Love’s Divine Essence

Just Love Her

by Raz Mihal

Just Love Her weaves a profound narrative set against the backdrop of Seoul’s allure, delving into the essence of human love as a mirror to the divine. Through eloquent musings and encounters, it reveals how our earthly passions are but reflections of a greater, divine love.

This book is an ode to enlightenment, achieved through the adoration and reverence of love in its most human form, inviting readers to see beyond the transient to the eternal dance of love that binds the universe.

Walking on the clouds to Her… My heart is filled with divine love.

Excerpt from JUST LOVE HER

How can I communicate with Her in the noisy existence of our soul images?

Excerpt from JUST LOVE HER

Countless days passed since I had waited for these feelings towards Her to settle down.

Excerpt from JUST LOVE HER

This practice of Divine Love has been my daily meditation for dozens of years.

Excerpt from JUST LOVE HER

Time becomes a value more appreciated than anything else when feeling the love.

Excerpt from JUST LOVE HER

F. Simons

Review for JUST LOVE HER

S. Knight

Review for JUST LOVE HER

“Profoundly moving and utterly engaging; this book will alter your perception of love, and let’s face it, this is exactly what the word needs right now!”

V. Patel

Review for JUST LOVE HER

A masterful tale that entwines love with spirituality against the vibrant scene of Seoul. A five-star read and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.”

W. Bradley

Review for JUST LOVE HER

About the author.

Raz Mihal Author photo

Raz Mihal

Raz Mihal, the author of ‘Just Love Her,’ presents a unique perspective on love and existence through the lens of a modern hermit. Advocating a life immersed in the world yet not bound by its conventional norms, Raz explores the concept of divine love as a reflection into our souls, a practice not constrained by the physical world. He champions the heart’s feelings as the ultimate guide to experiencing love, suggesting that such emotions transcend societal expectations and cultural norms. 

Raz envisions a future where divine love eradicates the need for traditional religions and societal prejudices, fostering a world connected by enlightened souls. His writings encourage readers to embrace love in its purest form, advocating for a state of being where love is not just an emotion but a pathway to transcendence and unity. Raz Mihal’s work is a testament to the power of love as a transformative force in our lives and the world.

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