The Book: ‘Just Love Her’

Join me in the journey to know Her on the path to enlightenment through Divine Love.

First Part:



Second Part:


Most of the writing excerpts are in the section below…

Third Part:


It will be available only in the published book.


'Feelings are real, while the story not in this reality... 
Maybe in one of the alternate realities of the multiverse.'

Many faces of Her

Lurking like a shadow of time, Her is waiting, again and again. To be discovered and share the existence of divine love as a divinity through different and many faces. Past lives shared with Her along the time reflect in my dreams more often lately.At the beginning of...

Bleeding divine love

Visions: Bleeding divine love through the cracks of my soul… While balming in rivers of divine love flowing through my heart, these unworldly feelings are leaking through mind shattered thoughts aware of its existence. Our soul is pure and divine love.Love is not...

Poetic love

Poetry is divine love lost in translation!Raz Mihal Poetry is a pleasant way to compress in a few words so many feelings.That's why poetry, the same as human love, is underrated. Poets struggle most of the time to make a living from their creativity.Only a handful of...

Communication through feelings

Visions:  Communication through feelings... Twin Flame Synchronicities beyond time and space. No words are needed when souls communicate through hearts feelings, and this kind of communication happens with everything surrounding our existence.Try directing feelings of...

Who am “I”?!

Visions: Who am "I"?! And Her answered: "I am the silence between the words, the whisper of the wind through the leaves of the trees, the touch of the raindrops kissing the ground, the feeling in heart flutters. I am Divine Love that gave birth to all divinity and...

Loving Divine Love

Visions:  Loving Divine Love… when love becomes God inside... Most religions worship God due to fear of punishment in this life or next to one, for a promised heaven or a living hell for eternity. Worshipping Divine Love as God/Goddess happens only because...

The shield of love

Visions:  The shield of love... Accept always the love you feel because you might lose the chance of pure happiness. Love is embedded in our DNA structure as the energy which sustains our existence.The heart is only the instrument which measures and feel this energy...

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