The Book: ‘Just Love Her’

Join me in the journey to know Her on the path to enlightenment through Divine Love.

First Part:



Second Part:


Most of the writing excerpts are in the section below…

Third Part:


It will be available only in the published book.


'Feelings are real, while the story not in this reality... 
Maybe in one of the alternate realities of the multiverse.'

Love will set you free

Daily meditation: Love will set you free... Looking around every day, I see so many soul images caught in the net of destiny.They are blinded and totally unaware of their freedom.Freedom is fancy and not quite the right word, but there is a place where the soul can be...

Living the dream

Daily meditation: Living the dream... Recently, I've been told that I live the dream…Maybe it seems so from outside.I mean due to my heart feelings for Her lately, it really seems so inside. It's more than a dream. I was living the dream back in the days, being with...

Her soul image

Daily meditation: Her soul image… The soul of Her is hiding behind her soul image who transformed my life and destiny lately. Whenever I look into her eyes, I can feel her soul through my heart feelings.Living and following the unwritten rules and perception of divine...

The power of your mind

Daily meditation: The power of your mind... Mysterious and otherworldly…How else would you call an event that happens at once in your mind?! You are working on something that takes all your attention as part of the job or action you are involved. But instantly, the...

The wind of Love

Daily meditation: The wind of love… missing Her… Today I was missing Her so much.Nowhere around me in my reality, a touch of her being. That's what I thought and felt deep inside me missing Her. But as I left home walking down the road, the wind started blowing to my...

Why Her?!

Daily meditation: Why Her?! Only my heart knows... I'm doomed…I thought whenever silence settled in my heart, thinking that my feelings come to normal and don't go overboard anymore. It takes a lot of energy to feel the love inside at high levels for my body and mind....

The fall of my heart

Daily meditation: The fall of my heart - accept the fate... Nine years ago, my heart had the biggest fall than at any other time before. It happened because what it suppose to be forever ended unexpectedly. I never felt the aversion of fate like those times ever. And...

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