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Love will set you free…

Looking around every day, I see so many soul images caught in the net of destiny.
They are blinded and totally unaware of their freedom.
Freedom is fancy and not quite the right word, but there is a place where the soul can be freed from the bonds of our mind and bodies.

People always fought for freedom from different cultures, traditions or mental limitations.
The battle for freedom is actually a reflection of our souls struggle to be free from this world and destiny.

There is a place where the soul can be free and follow the path of its enlightenment. This place is inside our bodies, not outside of. In our heart is the only place where the soul can live as its sanctuary.

For the first step on the path to enlightenment, you have to follow your heart, let feelings free and start the fight with your mind to overcome the ego.
You have to understand that you are not your mind.
The flood of thoughts that clouds your heart feelings every day keeps your soul in shackles. And even after awareness of your soul existence, your mind will block your feelings.
Kneeling, in front of your feelings of love and trying to stop your thoughts to disturb your heart, can bend your mind and ego to follow the path to enlightenment.

The second step will be the acknowledgement of divine love existence. Already is proof of its presence in reality through your feelings of love. Of course, if you’ve been lucky enough to feel love for someone.
If not, you can follow the feelings of love for your family, country or whatever gives you a feel into your heart.
That feeling is the living proof of divine love existence.

Every day, following and paying attention to that feeling, and giving priority in your mind to make that feeling stronger, will allow you to some point to see and feel the divine love reflection existence onto your heart.
This is what feeds your soul existence and provide consciousness and awareness of your Self.

Actually, the practice to make your feeling stronger is not how it looks.
That feeling from the source of divine love existence is the same all the time, like a river of life.
The awareness and consciousness becoming clear and settled in your mind through time make you feel it strongest this way.

The best analogy for divine love existence is represented by a mirror.
You have the mirror, the soul reflected by the mirror, and awareness of this process.
The mirror itself it’s the divine love.
Awareness of the process of reflection between soul and divine love existence is the divine love reflection.
Finally, the soul is the reason why all these are connected and appeared to exist.

Tested discoveries and theories of quantum entanglement and quantum superposition principles from quantum mechanics represent at atomic scale the unseen world of our souls.

“Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, quantum theory, the mechanical wave model, or matrix mechanics), including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of atoms and subatomic particles.”

Quote about Quantum Mechanics

These principles state that a particle can exist in two locations at once, two states at the same time, also that a particle will change its properties only when it is observed.

That’s why being aware and conscious of the existence of the soul and divine love, it’s so crucial for the path to the enlightenment.
The only acknowledgement of this fact is enough for your soul to bend the mind and free up from its chains.

The fastest way to the enlightenment through spiritual love practice it’s through love between a man and a woman. Also, it’s the highest representation of divine love reflection.
Nothing else can give you more happiness and blissful moments than the connection between our souls through soul images.
Love has no restrictions for the path chosen, but in my vision, this representation is the purest and at the highest level for enlightenment.

In a world dominated by patriarchy is difficult for divine love to spread its wings and to be acknowledged for its real value.
The future looks bright, though because only women can change the world we live in, as it’s in their nature to give birth and influence the other souls to embrace the divine love.
Always there is a random factor that can block and divert even this path. But I can trust that feminity will prevail at the end, and the world will be enlightened through divine love awareness and consciousness.

“The biggest happiness is to feel that someone loves you, not to know, but to feel.”

Nichita Stanescu (One of the greatest Romanian poets – the love poet from my hometown of Ploiesti)

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