The Book: 'The Goddess Within'

Divine Love Between Android Robots in the Future

Explore a futuristic Seoul where biotechnological androids navigate the complexities of love and existence.

Soon the first Science Fiction book…

Seoul became the center of the most advanced technologies over 100 years in the future.
Could a biotechnological android feel love and have a soul?!


‘Divine Love Between Android Robots in the Future’ is set in a futuristic Seoul, a city transformed by cutting-edge biotechnological advancements. This novel delves into the lives of androids who grapple with emotions, love, and the quest for a soul in a world dominated by technology.


The story unfolds in a Seoul that has become the epicenter of technological innovation. Over a century into the future, the city is a marvel of biotechnological progress, where androids and humans coexist in a complex societal structure.


The novel explores profound themes such as the nature of love, the essence of the soul, and the ethical implications of advanced technology. Through the lens of android characters, it questions what it means to be truly alive.

Key Themes and Concepts


Androids and Emotions

Can androids experience genuine emotions? The book delves into this intriguing possibility, exploring the emotional lives of biotechnological beings.


Futuristic Seoul

Set in a highly advanced future, Seoul is depicted as a hub of innovation, where technology and humanity intersect in fascinating ways.


Love and the Soul

The story questions whether androids can possess a soul and experience love, challenging the boundaries between artificial and human life.


Technological Impact

Examining the societal and ethical implications of biotechnological advancements, the novel provides a thought-provoking look at the future.


Human-Android Relationships

The interactions between humans and androids are central to the narrative, highlighting the complexities and potential of such relationships.


Philosophical Inquiry

Through its narrative, the book encourages readers to ponder deep philosophical questions about existence, consciousness, and the nature of being.

Dive into the Future of Love

Discover the groundbreaking story of love between androids in a technologically advanced future. Don’t miss out on Raz Mihal’s captivating novel. Book your copy now!

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