Daily meditation:

When love is not strong enough…

You love with all your being the soul image chosen, though nothing happens related to happiness and feelings of love in the real world, other than inside of you.

Love means sacrifice from your side most of the time, sometimes the whole life.
The ideal of divine love reflection is not the accomplishment of your desires in the real-life, but the practice and concentration of your mind through love mantra for keeping the divine love always alive in your heart.

Sometimes I wonder if my practice wasn’t strong enough in time, giving up some energy to learn and gain the material things while losing a fight with fate for the beloved soul image on the long run.
Yes, you can blame both sides for many things that didn’t work out in the end, but after such numerous beautiful moments, you came to wonder why or how it was possible to break off.
Maktub… It is written!

What matters, in the end, is the journey and experience no matter the result.
Of course, it would be nice to be with the beloved soul image at least in this life if not forever.
Maybe the destiny will allow it though for a short or more extended time and this way you will have memories, experiences and feelings left from that encounter.

Always be prepared for the unknown.
Once settled a path don’t think that this is it. Give all your best as long as it happens and bring happiness and enlightenment in the destiny of your beloved soul image.
After that, if everything falls, carry on your journey and continue praying for favourite soul images.
Isn’t any way to settle forever with a soul image in this life?!
It is when both soul images follow the same path of enlightenment and believe in the power of divine love reflection in their hearts.

Through all your journey on this Earth, don’t forget the divine love existence in itself. If you are blessed with its acknowledgement.

Information notes:

“Maktub” is a word that comes up again and again in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. As is mentioned in the first quote, it is Arabic for “it is written.” Maktub means fate or destiny. The concept comes from the Islamic notion that Allah writes one’s destiny and whatever we experience occurs because it is meant to be. The idea of destiny that is inevitable is emphasized throughout this book.

And a Sufi joke:
"Oh, Imam! Which of my actions are by my free will and which are predestined?"
'Lift your right leg.'
'That's free will. Now lift your left leg.'
"I can't…"
'That's predestination…'

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