Daily meditation: The wind of love… missing Her

Today I was missing Her so much.
Nowhere around me in my reality, a touch of her being. That’s what I thought and felt deep inside me missing Her.

But as I left home walking down the road, the wind started blowing to my ears whispers of her scent and being, reminding me that Her is everywhere around me.
I was looking up to the sky. Her sweet face was smiling to me in the shadow of a cloud. And seagulls flying all around me passing her feelings straight to my heart.

The wind of divine love keeps fighting close to my soul and giving me strength assuring me that I’m not alone.
If I miss Her, the whole existence is missing Her.
And also, the entire existence will take her soul to be close to mine through all nature around me.

The sun threw a shadow of a smile behind the clouds that gathered to chill my heart aching after her beloved soul image.
Soon after, the sky started to shed tears for the missing soul accompanying my heart through the sorrow.
All I know in these moments, I would give anything to be with or at least next to Her.
My life is feeling meaningless without Her.
I feel her soul image like a blessing for my heart, covering the mind screen with blissful moments touching the eternity of our souls.
Flashes of her soul image make way inside my mind eye with instances of her daily life.
A smile, touchable eyesight, a wave of her hair in the wind, it’s healing for my soul and heart.

And from the void of my existence is rising a revolt of thoughts against the implacable destiny. A fate that didn’t follow the feelings from my heart and the divine love reflection from my soul.
One step back, another more steps ahead. A fight against time and space that separate our soul images, but our souls not keeping away from the union in the realm of divine love.

A whisper covers all my being with its echo:
'If not in this life to be with Her, then in the next one… 
And if not even in the next one, not even eternity will stop from missing Her.'

너무보고 싶어 (neomubogo sip-eo). I miss you so much.
These words keep coming through my mind feeling Her in my heart. It feels like a wheel of touching sounds for my unfortunate reality.

Dirty Dancing – She’s Like the Wind – Video

Dirty Dancing – She’s Like the Wind

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