Daily meditation:

Loving Her and nothing more…

Why not give up if nothing and no signs in the destiny to find and meet Her so long time?!
It’s the journey, and the feelings that flow from the divine love reflection practice and to keep it real is of tremendous help.
I know for sure Her is out there somewhere, yet not for me nor my destiny as well.
My prayers and path of divine love can help us both even in this destiny, no matter the chosen soul image for Her to live with.

You think you are exceptional but not.
Special is what you feel inside, the gift of divine love reflection into your heart.
So you are the same as everybody else if not more responsible and awakened, due to awareness of divine love reflection.
You should not bring suffering and also help for the good of humanity and souls’ enlightenment.
Your heart will be broken to pieces due to love inside if you are doing nothing.

Yes… Prayers can be beneficial for the enlightenment of the soul.
In the end, it will lead to actions if not through your heart and mind, then through others.
Sometimes it is even better to just pray than to get the wrong results due to your ego.
The correct action is to do without doing. It means don’t do it for yourself or thinking it is the right path to your enlightenment.
Just do it and don’t expect the results or reward for yourself.
Be thankful if other souls, hearts and minds let you help them and not the other way around.

The same mindset should be for sharing divine love reflection with the chosen soul image from your heart.
Be thankful and happy that the divine love chose to feel and be the vessel for the sacrifice of living divine love.
Don’t expect, ask or hope for results, accomplishments or return of feelings from the chosen soul image.
If it happens, you have to be even more grateful and dedicated, if not, then you have to pray harder to the divine love inside.

It could mean a lot of things the awareness of divine love reflection inside, but you don’t want to make it suffer the other soul believing that you are the chosen one, giving your mind ground for incorrect decisions.
It doesn’t mean that your beloved soul image won’t feel your love, maybe both sharing your feelings and are aware of it.
It just means that every soul is free to choose the path with or without you, due to destiny or not.

Remember that the divine reflection into your heart is a gift, not a given, and realise a connection with the beloved soul image.
You just love what you feel inside and work towards your enlightenment and nothing more.
If it is more in your destiny, so be it, if not, you already have received the greatest gift for your soul.

That’s why just loving Her and nothing more…

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