The Book: ‘Just Love Her’

Join me in the journey to know Her on the path to enlightenment through Divine Love.

First Part:



Second Part:


Most of the writing excerpts are in the section below…

Third Part:


It will be available only in the published book.


'Feelings are real, while the story not in this reality... 
Maybe in one of the alternate realities of the multiverse.'

Touch of souls

Visions: Touch of souls… My heart many times yearn for a touch of her lips, hands… a glimpse into her mysterious eyes. Is it my heart beatings or hers I hear in my mind while missing Her?!Many times, time lost its touch over my soul image, and my Self feels the scent...

Greatness of love

Visions: Greatness of love... Feelings of love in our hearts give us the perception of greatness and divinity hidden deep into our souls. Feeling love for Her knowing the Divine Love source feels unworldly, and it raises the consciousness of importance maintaining...

The unthinkable love

Visions: The unthinkable love… Whatever you do when feeling love, don't think about it, don't analyse it. Only let yourself lost in the ocean of infinite and absolute love. Sometimes I feel connected with her soul on a deeper level that I can't do anything else...

Quantum choices

Visions: Quantum choices… Everything around us scientific and religious points of view and facts suggests an order in the apparent chaos that exists and leads to the creation of life as it is. The truth about a predetermined destiny where everything is bound to happen...

Web of life

Visions: Web of life... Staring down on the web of life from the highest axis of time itself, it makes me wish to have had even the most minor role in her existence. Thoughts born out of love feelings for Her give meaning to my inner world based on visions related to...

Who is HER

Just Love Her: Who is Her?! "Her" is anybody's dream out there in the real world or could be someone dreaming of love out of this world. "Her" is a personification of the divine love through soul into a 'soul image' revealed to heart, the so-called soulmate. "Her" is...

One-way love

Visions: One-way love - 'axis of time'... It has been quite a long time since a moment with Her hit me straight in the deeps of my heart. A glimpse of a moment with her soul image made my heart flutter so fast and hard that amazed me how it's possible after so much...

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