Memories of my Self: Past lives inside dreams…

For a few years ago dreams are not like common dreams anymore.
And since there are so many and full of feelings at different times and places… It resembles memories from past lives.
Some stories from my dreams echo when waking up; others lost in the pit of memories washed away.

All kind of characters played along the time, from child to adult, mostly not succeed to see my face but identified as the person acting in the leading role.
All genders felt as existing in most of the glimpses of moments out of this world.
Only once I saw in the mirror the face of my persona acting in my dream. Even the name remembered after waking up as Alejandro. A young man pictured in the mirror with a weird feeling that it is my alter ego but a stranger no less.
In one of the nights, my dream was connected with an old one from the past storyline.
As the action unfolds, I’ve realised that the story relates to another from the past. Only that while dreaming I wasn’t aware that it’s just a dream. It was so real, and as soon I woke up the feeling of something beyond my mind, related to the soul-filled my heart— the action related to a dream from months before.
So that’s why strengthening the belief that many dreams connect to past lives or alternative universe.
One dream happened to be the weirdest of all – I dreamed that I was dreaming – a dream yielded into another dream. Many times the action is foggy and details as I wake up, hardly remembering.
It happened for the first time to dream that I had a child, a beautiful blonde curly girl, and I felt to the bone the fatherly love arising from my heart.

Often, dreams played longer and longer without any desire to wake up afraid of dispersing the fog of stories behind the play.
It happened to sleep once almost a full day, obviously with short wake up every few hours.
Sleeping became like a full meditation touching and visiting realms and memories of the past and future. Maybe I should write down as soon as I wake up and remember parts of the dream, which could become exciting novels.

Dreams are our virtual reality but with many more connections with unseen worlds and memories, and so captivating that we don’t realise that it’s a dream. Those moments while sleeping are another page of our reality.
Sometimes are so accurate and so mind-bending due to surrounding landscapes and imagination unleashed that surpass our reality.
In the future, technology will probably make use of the part in the brain that handles the dream’s creation.

Dreams are a lot more interesting than visions.
In visions, you are aware of reality, and it takes no brain to understand that never facts will be the same.
Same with dreams, but you forget entirely about your existence, and it’s way closer to reality as an experience and story unleashed. And you have no control about your dream, nor influence; it just happens, while in visions, many factors can influence the level and events shown.

It happened to have only two dreams with Her while in Seoul, but it seemed so real that I felt sad when reality hit me waking up.
Visions, on the other hand, too many.
Many visions that Her became a part of my soul. Although nothing, in reality, suggest a connection with her soul image.
Visions are not imaginations, because they didn’t happen through desire or volition. It appears precisely as dreams, but when not sleeping.

Wondering what’s next for my troubled soul during the whole world boiling in crisis?!

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