Moments in time with Her – realities unleashed…

Many moments with Her come to my memories of the soul akasha taken from the time capsules floating on the ocean waves of time blowing off on the memories shore.
Stories unravel one by one behind the mind eye creating inceptions of worlds unfolded through the drawings of our soul memories.
Taking a stroll in Paris on the Rue De La Paix, hand in hand, keeping her umbrella to protect over the burning rays of sunlight.
Whispers of sweet words blowing to ears with love scent for her thoughts to cradle over my existence.
What times would be uncovered?!
I am judging over her dress maybe 19th century. I don’t dare to look too introspective into this memory in time to keep the connection ongoing.
Afar the sight of Eiffel Tower takes the horizon in the shadows of time.

I am waiting for Her for quite some time inpatient to arrive by train to London from Manchester. Her ran straight into my arms.
I feel so good to take an in-depth look into her big brown beautiful eyes, full of life and love.
Is it the same timeframe or different reality?!

Oh, and so many memories from Seoul with Her.
Joyful and surrounded by teenagers, with her smile cheering up my heart while watching from afar.
Is Her a teacher or what?!
Too many teenagers are shouting and running around Her:

"누나 안녕하세요!" ("Nuna annyonghaseyo!") - "Hello, sister!"

누나 = older sister

Jean Béraud La Rue de la Paix.jpg
Rue de la Paix by Jean Béraud

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