Daily meditation:
Why feelings of love for Seoul, hence for Korea?!

Is it because of Her?!
Is it because of past lives and memories related to Seoul?!

Indeed, the feeling of love for Her is the most critical factor. But can’t forget my heart connection with all the peoples and places beyond any doubt while wandering through Seoul and Busan. It is a love designed for family and country born with, although my natural birthplace is far from South Korea. The same happens with feelings for North Koreans as it was only one Korea at some point in time of past lives in my heart.

The strange feeling of being like home in Korea put upfront why not being born here?!
But the answer is simple, and with all things to consider, it also means the destiny wouldn’t have been the same.
Maybe not even to meet and feel her soul because the events would have been different.
My Self would have been probably forgotten in the waves of time because the persona’s experiences wouldn’t have opened the gates to the enlightenment.

Moreover, although my soul feels closer to some people, countries or beliefs, in the end, the Earth represents the feelings of divine love oneness.
And when my Self-awareness disappears… The feelings of divine love go further to the Universe, Galaxies, unseen realms and so on.
It’s a neverending boundary of the physical and spiritual representations because divine love is absolute and infinite.

When the soul becomes one with the existence of Divine Love, there is no beginning nor end of life and void of the worlds in the known and unknown realms or concepts.
At the beginning of the path to the enlightenment, information touches the limits of the mind itself but going further in the unknown only the soul can spread its wings to dwell on the realm of divine love.

7th century painting of Koreans.png
Yan Liben – Original publication: 唐閻立本王會圖 Immediate sourceNational Palace Museum
7th century Tang dynasty painting of envoys from the Three Kingdoms of Korea: Baekje, Goguryeo, and Silla

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