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Busan – Following her steps and spiritual path of past lives…

A long time before thinking about going to Busan the voice inside decided that is a must to visit it.

Her soul image followed me being all around the Haeundae Beach, seeing her steps dipping in the sea tides.
As time passes and my journey in Korea approach closing to an end soon, the feeling of missing Her is stronger than anytime before.
Like a claw that scratches my soul and heart until no pain left, just the traces from feelings of happy sorrow.

Busan, South Korea

I wanted to pass the visit to Haedong Yonggung Temple as I was exhausted, but again the voice inside gives me no option other than following my heart.
And I understood why. The same intense feeling of divine love to tears in my heart.
As whenever divine love is making its presence known in sacred places, I spread the feeling from my heart blessing all other souls images around the area and to all Korea, finally to the whole world and Universe.

For sure, it was a connection in a past life or more who knows, feeling like home although a stranger with a different culture and background.
Looking at the faces of people around me, I get the feeling that it is a deep connection with my soul. I feel their hearts as speaking the same language.

I can’t stop to dream of Her these days wishing that it would have been a reality of our soul images happening in this time and not in shadows of the infinite axis.
Although not finding her soul image, I can’t get out the feeling of reality perception inside my heart.
Her connection with Me is deeper with every day passing as being linked in an unseen world yet related to our time and space.

Busan (Korean pronunciation: [pusan]), formerly romanized as Pusan and now officially known as Busan Metropolitan City, is South Korea’s second-most populous city after Seoul, with a population of over approximately 3.4 million inhabitants. It is the economic, cultural and educational center of southeastern South Korea, with its port—Korea’s busiest and the fifth-busiest in the world—only about 193 kilometers (120 mi) from Japanese islands of Kyushu and Honshu. The surrounding “Southeast Economic Zone” (including Ulsan and South Gyeongsang) is South Korea’s largest industrial area.

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