Synchronicity: A Message From the Universe That You’re on the Right Track
Seeing the same time on the clock every day is known as synchronicity.
Synchronicities are a message from the universe, a confirmation of your intuition and an indication that you’re on the right track.
If synchronicities are happening to you, it’s a sign that you’re receiving help and guidance.

What Is Synchronicity?
Synchronicity is a universe-engineered coincidence.
So Why Do I Keep Seeing The Same Time On The Clock?
You are experiencing synchronicity.
Someone, somewhere out there is guiding you. It could be a lost loved one, it could be a spirit guide, or it could just be the universe pointing you in the right direction.

Twin Flame Synchronicities
If we are on the journey to finding our Twin Flame, if our hearts and minds are open and we feel ready, we will notice unique signs.
They are patterns in our lives called Twin Flame Synchronicities.
Synchronicities are specially designed to lead us to take the best path to be ready for our Twin Flame.
There is a bigger mission for Twin Flames other than just being a romantic relationship.
Twin Flames join together, activating dormant codes opening portals used by humanity to ascend on mass if need be.
Twin Flames are the way-showers in times of global movement amongst souls.
Many souls have the codes to be Twin Flames, but not all will make it. And not all are needed to start the ascension process.
Not everyone will reach the right moment in time to join with their Twin Flame. And not all unions are needed or desired at one time.
If we follow our hearts and listen to the signs, they will lead us to our destinies.

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