Deep meditation: Divine Love Trinity…

I call ‘soul image’ the pure reflection of the soul in human being existence.

When we are aware of the Trinity of Divine Love realm and the manifestation into our existence, the soul can recognise another soulmate through divine love reflection into the heart feelings.

The Trinity of Divine Love:

  • Divine Love – God/Goddess realm, love existence in itself as a deity.
  • Divine Love Reflection – the energy and acting power of divine love reflecting in the individual souls.
  • Soul – the individual and unique representation behind our existence as humans, as soul images, is unchanged and keeps the record of our reincarnation and information.

The divine love existence’s vision is happening when the beloved soul image reveals into our heart through our feelings.
When we acknowledge that the infinite and absolute love divinity made all this process happen, the inside world becomes magical and mystical.
Becoming aware and conscious of every moment of love as a deity, we will start to love even the shadow of our soulmate’s ‘soul image’.

Someone can argue the existence of each representation of divine love existence and manifestation. The same thing can still apply to all divinity representations of God, heavens, or any other unseen realm.
The only difference is that love is an experience of all souls with or without awareness and consciousness of its divinity existence.
Doesn’t matter the level of experience or the representation of love feeling for family, country, nature, Earth, Universe, and so on.
The absence of love or misconception of its existence leads to all evils and suffering of human beings.

That’s why when we start the process of enlightenment for our souls through divine love existence, it’s so important to understand, accept and experience the representations of its divinity as a Trinity.
It’s easier to comprehend the divine love realm through these representations as a separate yet connected entity. The explanation of different descriptions is for the limited mind to understand the concept, but the heart makes no difference.

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