Daily meditation:

Flutters of love – surrender to love feeling

Surrender. This feeling is the only option when heart flutters. No matter how much you fight it, in the end, the heart wins overall.

The mind will try through every option available to turn around the heart.
The only way mind to listen to your heart is to be empty of any thoughts, writing its feelings deep without words or ideas.
You are following this way, the path of divine love reflected in your soul.

When your heart is vibrating on a higher frequency, you feel your heart all the time. You are aware that something is happening. Mind barely keep up with the information trying to translate feelings into thoughts so this way to make a decision or take action.

While heart flutters of love and is enough to feel love, your mind always will try to do something about that. When you are aware of the source of love – absolute and infinite love – divine love – goddess, feeling love is enough; otherwise, the mind may have a say about your feelings.

The intention of mind is right and directed to bring closer the other soul in reality through every method or meaning available. But your heart full of love is following unseen destiny and past lives.
You think that this flutters of love happen just because, but two souls are connected through many unseen things and beyond time and space.

My heart flutters of love for Her.
Why is it matters?
It matters because, for dozens of years, I have felt divine love inside my heart.
When my heart flutters of love on a high frequency, it means that the painting from my mind is from the divine love feeling through my heart and soul.
It intends just feelings, no thoughts and surrenders to love for Her.

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