Daily meditation: Happy sorrow…

There are so many moments of happy sorrow since my arrival in Seoul.
It’s the missing piece from the puzzle settled by visions, now destiny felt months ago.
It breaks my heart, missing her soul image.
Having Her inside, missing her soul image outside feels like happy sorrow.

Now really I feel very close due to the distance between our soul images, yet not found physically in the present reality. If not now, who knows when?!
And how come to be happy feeling sorrowful?!
The only thing I know that this happy sorrowfulness is a part of the next step of enlightenment.

What’s the next step?!
Well, it’s the hardest one. To open the third eye once and for all.
For some years, I only see glimpses of its existence. The past lives, the present futures visions, and lastly the presence of Her, are due to actions of mighty and mystical Eye.

Because of this happy sorrow feeling, I understand why my mind went hiding into the silence, and my heart is just loving Her without any support, nor actions in the present reality.

AWOLNATION – Sail (Official Music Video)

AWOLNATION – Sail (Official Music Video)

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