Visions: Her lives in my heart…

"Petals fall, but the flower endures… "

Even if the gates of destiny seems to shut off the connection related to her soul image, my heart became a shelter for Her.
Her soul lives close to my being for a long time already. It seems to reestablished a connection beyond time and space known to our souls as a soulmate for aeons.

Every day passes with the weird feeling of missing her soul image, knowing that is far away from me somewhere out there in Korea.
How to cheat the destiny to know at least that her soul image is fine and well?!
The only option available is to pray every moment looking to the sky and send the divine love feeling from my heart through clouds to accompany her existence.
Without any sign that our soul images will be at some point closer, it seems that my fate is doomed to only hopes and dreams. Only visions tell tales of forgotten lives and alternate realities of our soul’s sharing the wheel of time beyond this current reality.

From time to time glimpses of her soul image life comes from nothingness veiling my heart in clouds of shivers due to flutter of love shielded in my soul existence.
Praising divine love existence is the only remedy that helps the happy sorrow feeling shrouding my baffled soul image astonished at the touch of her soul image quivering existential wings.

Although dreaming a fate with her soul image, I feel blissful and thankful that divine love made my heart a shrine loving Her.
Fate may be a dream but loving Her with all my heart is a reality.
Whenever I miss her soul image, I close my eyes, and I feel Her living in my heart while my mind gives me visions of our souls floating around Han River and Namsan Tower in Korea.
Missing Her is like missing Korea as well.
Should I live the rest of my life over there close to Her?!

“Flower petals fall, but the flower endures. 
The form perishes, but the being endures.” 

Information notes:

Flower Petals Fall, but the Flower Endures

The Japanese Philosophy of Transience

Seiichi Takeuchi

About the Book

“Flower petals fall, but the flower endures. The form perishes, but the being endures.” Inspired by the saying of Kaneko Daiei, a Buddhist philosopher in modern Japan, philosopher Seiichi Takeuchi explores the Japanese philosophy of mujo (transience).

The impermanence of life—Japanese people call this feeling mujokan. What if we could accept this idea and apply it to our own lives to clear away the feeling of doom and gloom that is pervasive in modern life? With his look into the unique Japanese perspective on life and death, Takeuchi explores the foundation that the mind and spirit of the Japanese people rests upon. He discusses philosophical concepts through the use of Japanese words and their etymology to produce a better understanding and idea of how these concepts still exist within the modern Japanese language. This vital understanding of meaning and origin gives further insight into the unique tradition of Japanese thought found throughout the ages. The concepts of onozukara (the universe), mizukara (the self), and the awai (interaction) between the two is also examined in depth to shed light on the underpinnings of Japanese philosophy on mujo.

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