Daily meditation: Her soul image profile…

A strong character and lovely presence represent a beautiful soul.
When you look at a person in the beginning after the glamour has passed, you will notice the differences between body and soul.

The body presence compared with the standards of so-called beauty, appreciated by ‘experts‘ on the field, is average but attractive.
Those who are in connection with their soul, even if they are not aware of it, a cheerful and likeable personality reflect their soul.

What makes the difference is the awareness and consciousness level of enlightenment attained in the past lives and the present one.
When you meet a soul aware of divinity reflected in its existence, it will make you feel the difference.
Unseen forces surrounding the soul image of this soul awakened will make other souls in search of enlightenment to see the light within.

Some souls aren’t aware of their enlightenment like glasses on the eyes, forgetting about it.

They might even reject any ideas or practices of enlightenment. Why the need to search and know of knowledge if their soul is already enlightened?!
You will find a lot of enlightened souls through artists, musicians, actors, writers, and any other creative soul images. Their work expresses the proof of the soul within.
The only thing missing is the acknowledgement and real experience of the divine love inside. The energy accessed is in the raw form.
It’s enough one moment of divine love feeling for them to reach the consciousness of enlightenment.

Other soul images have to search and practice the entire life or a few lives to reach the enlightenment.
Even if they experience the enlightenment won’t be able to recognise it.
I didn’t search for it my whole life, but when it happened, I run from it at the beginning.
Because of the beliefs imposed by religion, I thought that only being dedicated to a closed environment, you can have a spiritual experience.

Later on, the divine love inside revealed the truth about religions.
There is no better religion than others, and it’s not a different truth in each of one of then.
Human beings make religions to look like a system while the enlightenment is individual. Only by personal experience, the soul it is known.
There is no heaven and hell, nor good or bad soul image.
Like in movies where actors are playing their role, same it happens with souls in destiny.
Souls are so clouded by their role that become one with it. That’s the problem because it will be tough to wake up from their dreams.

Her soul image reflects her soul way more than mine.
Noblesse and strong personality spreading joy around is the mark of her existence.
It also means that her soul image had a reflection of her soul from the beginning of her life.
Some soul images are born with the reflection of their souls, while others struggle the whole life to keep pace with their souls.

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