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Loving Her beyond my mind – Tales from the alternate realities.

Whenever the soul falls in love for another soul due to divine love reflection in its existence, although love is unique in feelings, the pattern of events is the same.

This is the third time when my soul succeeded to bend the mind for another soul. Of course, I liked other beautiful souls but not falling in love. The connection was not so strong. Also, my mind never kneeled. For my mind to listen, it should be out of the ordinary feelings.
And it’s not about body, beautiful face or anything else that men’s minds are addicted to.
It’s like loving a flower. There are many beautiful flowers out there, yet only one move your soul to the roots. And only that one makes your heart singing of love vibration. You don’t know why and if you start thinking and analysing, the magical connection could be lost. The flower won’t be unique anymore. Because what makes the flower special are your feelings, not the flower itself.

When you fall in love, don’t think about it. Just follow the river flowing of love and forget about the mind.
This happens when my soul feels a special connection. My mind is at the beginning forbidden to make assumptions or to think about what happened with my heart. The only thing allowed is to use the mantra of love—nothing else.

After the feelings settled in, the mind is accepted to do its own work.
It’s a free world, right?!
And how else keep in touch with the reality if not through your mind?!
Troubles begin from now on. Due to deep-rooted feelings in my heart, my mind can’t overturn and contest love felt. But will analyse, check and question everything that my soul is dreaming of. The mind wants to accomplish the soul’s vision in reality and sooner, the better.
Action is my mind motto. I called my mind ‘the beast’. Well, it’s a necessary annoyance in the real world as long as it listens to my soul needs.

The next stage is the accomplishment of so-called ‘fake it until you make it’. Some of the soul’s visions will happen in reality.
And the mind will make the transition from a noisy and annoying trouble maker to the constructor and builder of dreams inception. What started as a possibility will become almost a reality.

That’s the beauty of ‘nothing is certain’.
Is the free choice really an option or it’s a dream of mind?!
Or actually, the free choice is another thing in predestination?!
Is just another settled choice that we know it will happen, and after we have to understand why happened?!

Without a doubt, the fact that I love Her with my mind and my soul will make things happen in one of the realities. Otherwise, it would have been just an echo of my dreams.

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