Daily meditation:

Loving Her just because and not because of anything else

When you love someone just because, without any expectations or because of different things that your mind consider suitable to be liked, your life is not a normal one for sure, it looks from outside as of everyone else but inside is a different world.

Every moment exists for Her, and all thoughts are related to feelings for Her inside my heart. This kind of living happens because her revealed soul image became one with the divine love reflection from my soul. It’s not like I am doing that as a practice; it just happens. The only time when it is quiet, or it seems so, is when sleeping.

Many time looked inside being an observer of what’s happening.
And I had to fight with my mind over beliefs and logics of what’s better for my soul.
My soul feels that it can’t live without Her. While my mind feels the burden of this choice for the future of my existence.

One of the perks of awareness of divine love reflection is that even if you have different views, tastes or culture, in the end, you will start loving everything that your loved soul image likes. It will enhance the experiences and feelings from your soul, keeping closer to each other.

Listening Oohyo or Robert Porter for the first time because of feelings for Her, it seems that the connection between our souls happens in a parallel universe.
Even the most insignificant thing that Her inside likes or want it, my soul feels the same way. Of course, my mind will always find a way to annoy my heart, but it’s like a stranger who bothers my soul.
In the end, the mantra of love prevail over the thoughts, and only feelings of love exist.

The hardest part is to get used with my destiny, which unfolds in front of my mind. It unveils all the obstacles that I will have to overcome loving Her.
In these moments, it seems like a pain for my soul the body existence, feeling the limits of this passing life.

I am struggling to write words because I want to let myself experiencing feelings of love for Her just because, and not writing about it.
But how else would Her know sometime in the future that my soul exists only for Her?
It is her choice to accept it or to run away in one of the realities.
My mind would be so happy if both soul images run away. This way, no more troubles and finally, the soul vision is defeated once and for all.

Easy for the mind to think of forgetting the feelings.
Luckily the mind was beaten dozens of years ago by my soul due to awareness of the divine love reflection.
How else could dream of an impossible yet possible love?!

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A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places. Writer and author of the book "Hearts of Love" (translation for English/Korean in progress). In works ( ◜‿◝ ): ♡ "Just Love HER" ♡ and ♡ "The Goddess Within" ♡

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