Daily meditation:

Missing Her… more and more every day

I wrote about this feeling some time ago, but it keeps coming back like a mantra.

So actually my daily meditation starts due to missing Her. Feelings revealed in thoughts and writing helps my mind and heart with the echo in my heart of “Just Love Her”.

Many times in my free time or just a moment of awareness, my heart and mind fly to Korea. It’s the sound of her reality that speaks to my soul through her soul image.
I feel her presence around me like a scent of her existence… of her soul. I just close my eyes and the goddess from my heart is revealed and empty my inner-self.
In those moments, nothing about me is inside, only divine love fogging around her soul image exists. It’s like a dream of a love that I don’t want to wake up.

Every glimpse of her life in my visions makes me believe that Her is a reality, not just an illusion of my mind.
I feel in those moments everything, even the insignificant sign of her existence, and it translates into feelings handled by my heart.
Love is magical. Simple becomes unreal and small things and tiny moments transcend life.

When the light in her eyes is shining through her soul image from time to time, revealed by sight, my soul feels eternal love closer than ever.
Our souls are connected beyond time and space… These moments keeps reminding me that feelings awakened by her existence are beyond my control.

So I just let it all out in the open through thoughts that bows to love melted into her existence inside my heart.
Every time sending thoughts and feelings of my mind and heart to Her, it’s like a dream is born into existence. And whenever Her touch that dream, it becomes a surreal reality.

Missing Her… I want to be able to beam my feeling of missing her straight to her heart, searching for the reality of her soul image existence. In this way, Her would know that words are not enough to describe feelings.

“나는 그녀가 그리워 (naneun geunyeoga geuliwo) – I miss Her”… It feels even closer when it is in her language felt by my heart.

About the author

Raz Mihal wrote 179 articles on this blog.

A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places. Writer and author of the book "Hearts of Love" (translation for English/Korean in progress). In works ( ◜‿◝ ): ♡ "Just Love HER" ♡ and ♡ "The Goddess Within" ♡

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