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Hey Laura – Gregory Porter, feelings deep from the music of the soul

Feelings… Like never before… Or maybe due to the divine love whenever sharing feelings with a soul image is totally new.

It will never get bored in a human love being aware of divine love reflection in it.
Everything will seem new and exciting every day due to their feelings.
Being high on love, even a simple meal eating every day, the same will become a ritual.
The mantra of divine love, although repeating all the time the same words and feelings will be like a drop of water that in the end, will make a hole in the stone.

It’s like being struck by lightning of love seeing Her inside my heart…
My heart pounding like crazy in my chest that I had to cool down through some deep breathing.
In the end, left me wondering why these feelings?!
Sometimes I question myself if it’s everything right with me or going insane. How can you love someone without no base, no support, no connection… nothing at all.
I know that ‘Just love Her’ is a good start… but why?!

Crazy feelings… so deep inside my heart…
And a madness desire to be with her soul, craving for just a moment of reality with Her…
Even if it seems so real just inside my soul like being connected with Her.
How can these feelings be shared with the soul of Her?!

Wondering if it’s only one-sided and dreaming of love of only one soul…
Yes, the song seems it’s connected with her soul image, and that’s why my heart is fluttering with love just by listening…
And only her soul image is covering the sky of my mind.
I can’t even describe this feeling… of Her inside… being one with Her.
With eyes closed or opened, her soul image is in front of my mind eye full of life… feeling her soul touch all over my being.

How many aeons passed since last time our souls found each other?!

Hey Laura – Gregory Porter

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