Daily meditation:
One sweet moment of love pain missing Her – tears of happy sorrow…

Suddenly, it comes to that moment kept subtle inside in the heart’s voids for months of missing Her.
Tears flooding eyes, rolling out from the deep of feelings hidden and engraved in the shadows of love for Her.

Seoul dug out a hole of aches and pains into my heart, searching to touch a few moments with her soul image in this reality.
And those moments with her existence shadows around the city… the riverside…
Entangled, with her soul image acting in the mirror of reality…
Smashed on my heart and mind screen…
Left an emptiness of hopes for the future due to the insignificance of my unfortunate destiny.

Heavens forbids in this present reality happiness for my soul dreaming of life next to Her.
Visions became dreams, and dreams faded into ashes of love suffering missing Her.
Awaiting the slightest sign of her soul image presence around my existence.
Looking into her eyes moulded by divine love into my heart and mind screen, no words of wisdom and enlightenment vibrate in the echo of my heartstrings other than sounds of tears of happy sorrow pouring over my life like a rain of sadness.

And once again my soul rises itself from the embers of burning love pain, fighting with the feelings of missing Her.
Awakened by the showers of gloom…
Drowning my heart in her scent presence, it is hopeful that maybe never falls into the oblivion of her memories.
That her soul image will abide by a glimpse of divine love reflected from aeons of our soul’s reality.

Cloud Atlas Movie – 21 – Cloud Atlas Finale OST
Composed by Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil.

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