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Our Body is not our Soul – it is only a vessel

In my adolescence, when for the first time, the inception idea that Divine Love is God and the scale of its representation into existence came to my mind, my brain was on fire literally.
It was so much information and contradiction due to my past beliefs borrowed from the scriptures and books, that many times my mind couldn’t follow up the visions of what divine love signifies into the world.

When all information came at once, the brain couldn’t handle it. Many times when I wanted to unveil an idea or a vision that came through my mind, I had problems trying to communicate into words due to too many connections related to the concept at the same time.

In the end, the practice prevailed, and I was ‘lucky’ enough to experience and have proofs of the statement. So I had to throw out everything I’ve learned from the books and to test by myself what’s true or not.

Those times I’ve realised that my body and my brain are too weak to represent my soul. Instead, I’ve tried to do my best. But after so many years still not happy with my accomplishment.

How can you handle when you know that your body and mind are not good enough to represent your soul?!

The only thing that kept me through my struggles with my ‘weakness’ was the feeling of divine love inside my heart even without a soul image to represent it.
That’s why when my heart chose a soul image, nothing else matters. It’s not my mind option; it’s the divine love reflection into my heart choice.

In some moments, it looked like I am very bright, but instead, I knew the difference. The intuition was the force behind my philosophy. It’s more like a revelation than own reflection.
If I would have been more intelligent and had a good memory in this vessel, maybe I would explain and talk more concise or poetic about divine love representation and existence, due to so many books, readings and information acknowledged in the past.

Because of my experience and practice in time, I understood the limits of my body and accepted its weakness.
Also saw the difference when words or views about the divine love comes out of my mind and mouth that information received it’s beyond my human limits.
Many times after some exciting concepts and explanations in my past writings or thoughts, I couldn’t say that is a creation of my mind.

Oh, and I am not a good writer at all. Too blunt, no beauty in expressing into words the divine love, no shining in expressing my love.
Even so, to test the endurance of my ideas and to let others know about the divine love vision, I had to write when my heart was in awe for a soul image revealed.

Maybe the connection between our souls was from past lives, or beauty of the soul or perhaps souls so evolved that soon will be free from the shackles of destiny.
Always I wonder how my heart chose a soul image to represent the divine love inside. Or better yet how the divine love reflection reveals inside my heart that soul.

How could we know that a soul chosen is a choice of divine love?!
It’s quite easy. It happens. We look around and see beautiful faces and beautiful people and beautiful souls. But none of them makes us feel like the soul revealed into our heart.

Nothing and nobody makes us feel the connection with divine love and higher state of consciousness as the loved soul image do.

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