Daily meditation: Predestination or Free Will?!

This subject about our destiny if it’s in our hands to change it or accept what it is, troubled our minds since it was brought in our existence by visionary minds.

My point of view based on my experiences and visions is somewhere in the middle.
Both views can be connected.


I am looking around at the big picture why everything is how it is.
Presidents, royal families, actors and singers, great artists, countries, places, technology, past and present, and so on, you have to ask yourself why it is as now?!
You can’t do anything for the past, only for the future to change it. Do you think that you really can change the future?!

Wouldn’t be your actions and beliefs another drop in the big ocean of things that are bound to happen?!
Otherwise, you wouldn’t even think about it.

I’ve seen amazing people and souls that are unknown, yet they do or think beautiful things. They have a lot of talent, but nobody cares. While others, with shallow skills, have great success.

Things that are bound to happen it will happen either you want or not. And you will not be aware of the chain of events until passes.
After it finishes, you wonder how it was possible to have a blind mind during all the process.
That’s what I call Destiny. What is bound to happen it will happen.

When I heard about so-called guru or speakers about our power to change destiny, it makes me laugh. It is all part of the game and lifetime to think like that. Everything is part of the illusion clouding our mind and life.
It is certain that if it’s crossing through your mind that you can change your destiny, then your actions will follow your future.
If you are not succeeding, though, never give up. Be aware that it is a part of your destiny to struggle.

If it happens to love another soul and you are aware of divine love reflection into your soul’s existence, also is a part of your destiny.
A destiny that will change this life, and it will lead to eternity.
The matter of fact, reading the message throughout my writings already started the inception of the news about divine love reflection in existence.
Maybe you will forget for a time about the message, but when love lights up your heart, you will remember and come back for more to understand and feel the divine love.
Your soul will be free through divine love from the shackles of destiny, and this way also the soul image of the beloved soul in this life or eternity.

The only suggestion is to do the right thing precisely at that moment when you are aware of it without overthinking.
If you can’t sort it out, at least you take action instantly avoiding the impact of more significant failure in the destiny.
So if you noticed an error or a glitch in your current destiny, sort it out now, not later.
Later, destiny can be deceivable.

“I’ve noticed that are people who believe that everything is predestined and we can’t do anything about it. Though, even they are looking securing when they cross the street.”

Stephen Hawking

Free Will.

Many times it happened in my soul image job to find errors and deviations from specs randomly and totally as a coincidence.
What led me in precisely that moment to look for that divagation?!

It has been said that I am good at my job, but I know the truth.
I’m on the meditation stance all the time even if I’m tired of working night by night. And this helps me find moments in reality and be in the middle of my heart always.
This way, I enjoy everything I do in my destiny, even if I don’t like it.
Could be this awareness the answer to mixed events that ties predestination with free will?!
Or it’s another part of the destiny?!

Same it happens loving Her.
Coincidences occur most of the time.
What happens if these chances repeat more than two times, three times and so on?!
Could be destiny or free will the fact that I chose to love Her unconditionally although my mind doesn’t like it at all?!
For my mind, it’s like a punishment. It does like certain things, not dreams and visions.

How my mind still listen, no matter what for my soul and heart choices?
Well, because of the coincidences that happened along with my destiny.
It beats its logic reasons. The experience of these moments thought when to listen and to be reasonably related to my heart requests.
The moments with Her in my destiny opened the door to her soul image vision through divine love reflection in my heart.
It gives a reason to spread the message of divine love to all soul images in search of enlightenment.

Wouldn’t be another page of predestination written in my destiny?!
As many visionary and seers in the past said if there is a truth in the existence of divine love feeling, it will change the lives of soul images with or without me, either they want it or not.
Start to accept now that the feeling of love from your heart for a loved one is the reflection of the divine love and never give up on it, no matter what.
If the loved one doesn’t see in the same way, don’t cede. The suffering is part of the enlightenment.
If you truly loved, you can’t take it out from your heart anyway the beloved soul image.
The good thing is that soul images won’t suffer from love. Instead of hate and evil deeds, the good and love will prevail.
You want happiness and the best destiny in life for the loved one with or without you.

If fate is not the same for two soul images to be together, who are you to oppose?!
Accept it and move on. You can’t force another soul image to love you back or to love you forever. It’s a matter of choice, the status of enlightenment and another unforeseen circumstance of destiny.
Could be worse if you lose your loved one due to dreadful events.

That’s why I said in the past that prayer to Divine Love, slash God and Goddess, should be to praise not to request.
The fact that the feeling of divine love opened the door to your heart it’s the best thing is happening in your life.
The same if the loved one accepts your love. You should be thankful that love can lead you both to the enlightenment.

You can beat destiny only inside your heart and nowhere else.
Outside, always is out of your control over things that will affect your destiny.
It starts with the little need of necessities for your body like air, water and food.

Surrender to divine love feeling, be aware and conscious of its existence, and magical things soon will happen inside your heart and life.
You will have so many reasons after that to believe in its existence.
The feeling of love happening in your heart shouldn’t be more than enough to believe in the divinity of love?!

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