Daily meditation:
Reminiscence of past lives and mind troubles…

Always for me was more attractive the future than the past of myself.

While the majority of soul images yearned after the past when they were younger, I always wanted the time to pass faster and sooner to reach the end of my destiny. I didn’t think that I will live to see the older Self.

The greatest mystery in our life seems to be the so-called “death”.
When your soul will be revealed inside your heart and cuddle your life at the breast of divine love existence, “death” becomes just a door to the present futures and not a reason for sadness, but celebration when your destiny reaches to the end.

Forgetting the past and mind troubles completely, keep my dreams clean of residues and allow me to see instead, the past lives and present futures.
This way, the divine love existence is always alive in my heart and soul without mind interference.

Last years I dreamt seeing so many past lives – from woman, child and so many faces that no wonder my actual Self understands so many characters portrayals inside my mind.
Also, no surprise that one of my hobbies are other languages. If my mind and memory helped me, I would learn all the languages in the world. But no worries soon in the future there will be an app for that, better than any human being.

Suppose I would take into consideration the vision from twenty years ago from the mountain, and an essential part of the revelation happened soon after that night, at the end of my life. In that case, I will be released entirely from the cycles of life and become one with the divine love.
So-called the final nirvana.

Yes, my past was way more exciting and thrilling than the present.
I do hope that the present future to be even more impressive since Her awoke my soul and raised the awareness and consciousness of the divine love existence. Once again, in my life, it happened through her soul image.

Information notes:

“The nirvana-after-death, also called nirvana-without-substrate, is the complete cessation of everything, including consciousness and rebirth. … This is the final nirvana, or parinirvana or “blowing out” at the moment of death when there is no fuel left.”
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