Daily meditation:
Science of divine love – heart is proof of its existence…

Miracles exist until science prove that is reasoning or a good explanation and fact behind it.
After that, the magic of moments is lost, admired only by the mind unaware of the science proving miracles’ phenomenon.

As the world has more knowledge and is more educated, and with so many discoveries in science and the universe surrounding our planet, it becomes more challenging than ever for religions to attract followers through miracles.
Nowadays, it’s easier to attract people to believe through feelings and personal development through meditation and practice than promoting God’s powers and unseen divinity.

Some religions adapted to the world in continuing changes and embraced the technology to carry on the mission.
While they have a lot of money still don’t use it for the good of the people, they increase their power into the world.
There are money and resources into this world to end poverty and heal the planet, yet no one wants or does something about it: only empty words and speech and shallow actions.

To change the world, it requires that those in power: government, churches hence religions, powerful and wealthy people, to act and restructure the society as we know it.
Hypocrisy is all around us, and its effects felt in our daily life.
Smoking became a habit, but actions were taken after money filled the pockets, and too many people died of it and affected future generations.
Pollution became a fact, and I am amazed that instead of preventing and research for other ways, there are more taxes and more money made in the name of ecology.
In the end, after people are using the products that made tons of money for companies, government and wealthy people, the blame falls on people and not on those making money.
It’s easier to blame the consumer than to force those in power and responsible for correcting their mistakes and wrongdoings.
Why not take the money from these companies and wealthy people who destroyed our planet to clean the waters, research new, safer products and technologies, and heal the Earth?!
That’s why we are on the brink of destruction as a civilisation.

The beauty of divine love existence is the fact that can be proved easy its reality and feeling by everyone or at least almost all people.
It’s not needed advanced technologies or environment to test and prove its existence and see it in action.
Your heart is the most sophisticated device and the most accurate to feel the divine love existence.

All it requires is the awareness and consciousness of its existence – divine love as divinity.
It is difficult to see and perceive divinity in the feeling of love that we are born with, and it happens unexpectedly.
The only thing that helps is when it happens in your heart to acknowledge its divinity.
It’s way easier to understand the goddess feeling inside the heart when your mind kneel to love happening than to try to comprehend divinity through the limited intellect.

So when love happens in your heart for a beloved soul, only follow its feeling on the path to enlightenment knowing that reflection of divine love is the source, and a magic world will reveal in front of your eyes.

Michael Jackson – Earth Song (Official Video)

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