Daily meditation:
Sewoon Rooftop – one of the places where my soul touches the feet of her existence…

Sewoon RooftopSewoon Sangga Rooftop (Sewoon Plaza) – was the first place where divine love feeling directed my steps without knowing that place exist.
It was the second day in Seoul, how could I?!

Yet, this was the first place to visit it feeling Her while wondering in my walking meditation, and my soul started to cry as Hiro shouting in Heroes: “Yatta!”
I felt Her presence instantly: “Her was here!”
The shadow of her soul image sang and danced around my heart all the time on that day.

Whenever my heart is burning of happy sorrow missing Her, and I want to feel her soul image presence, it’s a must visiting the rooftop, mostly every few days.
At least for some moments, the sky caresses my burning heart with the clouds embedded with her soul image existence.

On the horizon, it’s rising in the clouds the beacon of love, Namsan Tower, as a reminder of the divine love reflection into our souls.
The sky is full with so many messages of love sent to Her that feelings transform into clouds of devotion over Seoul.
From the rooftop, you can read all of them.

And every day, my soul beams up to the sky the feelings of love to Her from Namsan Tower.

👀Scenic Viewpoint in Seoul:: Sewoon Sangga Rooftop

Sewoon Sangga, Korea’s first residential and commercial complex and formerly a mecca of the Korean electronics industry, has been reborn as an urban regeneration industry in Seoul. The rooftop of this place is changed to ‘Seoul Rooftop’ in 50 years, as a part of the ‘Again, Sewoon’ Project and became ‘Hot Place’ of Jongno, which is loved by many people! you can see Jongmyo Shrine, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in front of you, and Namsan Mountain and Bukaksan Mountain behind!🤭 There will also be various cultural events such as art festival, film festival, weekend market, busking, etc. Let’s go to a different cultural space in the city✨

✔️Open time 10:00~22:00
✔️Direction Jongno 3-ga Station, Exit 12

Information notes:

Hiro Nakamura (中村広 / ヒロ・ナカムラ, Nakamura Hiro) is a fictional superhero on the NBC science fiction drama Heroes who possesses the ability of space-time manipulation. This means that Hiro is able to alter the flow of time, teleport and time travel. In the show, he is played by Japanese-American actor Masi Oka.
More info about “Hiro Nakamura“:


Heroes is an American superhero drama television series created by Tim Kring that appeared on NBC for four seasons from September 25, 2006, to February 8, 2010. The series tells the stories of ordinary people who discover that they have superhuman abilities and how these abilities take effect in the characters’ lives as they work together to prevent catastrophic futures. The series emulates the aesthetic style and storytelling of American comic books, using multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing narrative. 
More info about “Heroes (American TV series)“:


HEROES :: Yatta!

Hiro Nakamura – Masi Oka
Hiro Nakamura is a fictional superhero on the NBC science fiction drama Heroes who … discovers a comic book called 9th Wonders! in a nearby newsstand that shows himself standing in Times Square with his hands up and yelling, “Yatta!”…
Yatta is a Japanese short form for “yarimashita”, which translates to “(I/We) did it!”…

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