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Shadows of the past lives in Seoul…

After glimpses of the past lives in places and events, it came the turn for the religion as well.
What are the odds to experience something like that?!
To be in the right place at the right time and to have that kind of experience connecting with ancestors and ancient beliefs.
It was a pleasant experience, but not a fan of rituals and traditions.

Regardless, I felt the connection with the past and our ancestors in my heart to tears.
As usual, I found connection and relation in the ancient beliefs with the Divine Love existence. There is no sacred place, belief system, religion and practices, that didn’t use love as the primary source.
Either love for ancestors, family, country, one another, either love for spiritual beings, prophets, gods, gurus or whatever elevated being that created or helped in spreading of that doctrine.

Anywhere I go that is considered a sacred place of any religion and system beliefs I can feel the connection within my heart with the divine love feeling.
Identical, it happens with places dedicated to love. Even it isn’t considered a sacred place, in my heart, I have the same feeling of sacredness.

The same goes for feelings of Her in my heart. It’s a sacred love because divine love revealed her soul image in my heart. It happened due to the connection between our souls in the past and present lives.
Although I didn’t see her soul image in reality, in my heart Her is more real than ever before.
Every time my mind is bothered by the stubbornness of my heart towards her reality in my life… My Self answer is to love Her and have no other expectations.

The heart doesn’t measure time or problems related to reality as the mind does.
The reality inside my heart and soul is beyond time and space, so love for Her is for eternity and not for moments with her soul image in real life.

The Heart Sutra Buddhist Chanting (Korean) (not related with “Tae eul ju” but sound is the same)

Information notes:

Tae Eul Ju is a sacred mantra used throughout the world by practitioners of Jeung San Do. This mantra consists of twenty-three holy sounds. Jeung San Sangjenim, on whose teachings and spiritual work Jeung San Do is based, shared a meditative and spiritual practice aimed at transforming ourselves and society.
More info about “Tae Eul Ju“:


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