Daily meditation:

Soul’s happiness

My soul happiness was for dozens of years the heart mantra praying and still is.

Praying just because and nothing else. Nothing expected in return.
Happiness for the soul is when I see people loving each other, the world is in peace and nature is preserved.

Happiness for my heart is when I see and feel real love happening around me. When people chose love above anything else.

The mind always will induce some expectations for its happiness. Happiness’s to be healthy, to have food on the table, to own things that supposedly I want and so on.
Actually, the mind is the most difficult to satisfy its happiness.
This happens because its needs must occur in reality and as soon as possible.

The soul happiness it’s easy to maintain. It’s enough praying with love mantra, keeping awareness of divine love reflection, and always having the precious soul image of Her in my heart and mind.
Deep breathing awareness keeps everything connected. Also, cool down the heart passion and the fire of love burning at high levels.
The soul doesn’t need reality to make it happen. It follows unseen rules and experiences, gifted by the divine love vision. I don’t know how it’s happening… it just is, and I feel the results.

Many times I had to take steps back in mind desire to prove the reality of Her. My heart and soul have the feeling of ‘Just Love Her’, and it feels so real the connection with her soul, but my mind keeps bogging me that its only an illusion of my troubled soul and signs of Her nowhere to be seen.

Being an observer, it’s hard to think about free will while watching the ‘game of thrones’ between mind and soul.
My heart is the moderator, and its high vibrations keep telling me that feeling of love for Her is real.

진짜로! (jinjjalo) – Really!

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