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The agony of love – a curse to the mind

Today struck me the nonsense of my mind logic.

Finally, my mind is happy thinking that that’s it, one problem is gone after beating my soul to the ground in the unbeatable proof of undoubtful destiny.
Staying as an observer in the shadow. I’ve noticed the peace of my mind while my soul went to agony.

A sorrow as never before clouded my heart, although no real reason.
It happened after a message sent in the abysses of existence being ignored.
The reason for my heart and soul suffering is not because of communication, but due to agony behind my mind having doubts about divine love reflection revealing her soul image.

Thinking it is the worst outcome for my feelings. Just feel the love and don’t analyse it.
Thinking about helping the beloved ‘soul image’ in the future of now or if there is a fate for soulmate souls, it is not needed.
Just Love Her.

Then I have found these notes down below trying to digitise some of my written notes.
In the past, many ideas or things passing through my mind have been lost. Due to the fall of my heart gave up writing them to share for other souls.
But lately, thanks to Her, I started to leave notes whenever my phone wasn’t close.

Sonmi (Cloud Atlas – movie):

“Our lives are not our own.
From womb to tomb, we are bound to others…
Past and present…
And by each crime… and every kindness… We birth our future.”

Matrix – movie:

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”
“There is no spoon…
Don’t try to bend the spoon.
That is impossible.
Try instead to realise the truth:
There is no spoon.”


“Love is barely a madness.”

Love Alarm – TV Series on Netflix:

X: “I don’t have the time or intention to date anymore, so forget about me and…”
Y: “You don’t have to like me back… Just because I like you.”
X: “How’s that fair for you?
Just receiving your love…”
Y: “I just… wanted you to know how I feel.
All that matters to me… is that you act on how you truly feel.
If you ignore my text messages, I’ll let myself be ignored.
If you stand me up, I’ll let myself stood up.
And if you dump me, I’ll let myself be dumped.
All of that is romance to me because we’d be doing things together… that I can’t do it on my own.”

Well, the last part sums up everything.
I can’t do it on my own so many things related to human love.
Without going out in the open sharing thoughts and feelings, nothing will matter if it will be only kept inside hidden.
Even if the echo from inside revealed through soul image in the outside world never to be found.
Just keep on going on the path to becoming one celestial body and soul no matter the agony of the mind. This agony is tolerable and passing fast while the suffering of love is like a storm wiping out everything on its way.

The agony of separating from the matrix of love between two souls is a curse for the mind who is aware of divine love reflection in their existence.

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