Daily meditation: The art of praying… to Divine Love

It is a common belief that praying means only as seen in religions, doctrines or any other form of faith.

After years of praying, I saw that even animals are praying… All nature is a devotion.
The only difference is that nature praises Divine Love through raw love.

Look around you and start seeing things hidden behind the curtain of your human eyes. Start viewing with your heart, and the secrets of your soul will be revealed.

Human beings are praying in the wrong way.
All that we are doing when we are praying is to ask God for so many things: health, money, power… Mostly the best for our Ego.
In some cases, we are praying for others or in the family business for each other.
I don’t say it’s not a good thing to pray, quite the opposite.
But we have to learn to pray.
Do you think the mighty God (aka Divine Love) doesn’t know what do you need?!

Have you wondered why you are hungry and homeless?!
Or why do you have all that you need and more?!
There are laws above everything, and destiny is written since we are born.
So to pray for you makes no sense, but for others, yes.
To praise God, its creation (nature, the universe, multiverse, galaxies, divine realm, and so on), it makes even more sense.
The more you expand your mind, vision and heart, the more you will get in return. So don’t ever be a small mind.
You have to pray, thinking and knowing the real scale of existence.

When you feel the divine love in your heart, the feelings become the praying.
What else do you need when feeling the love inside gives you happiness more than you can handle?!
The only reasonable devotion is to thank divine love for its existence and never leave your heart in emptiness again.
So praying will become one with the feeling from your heart through divine love existence.

The praying inside keeps going unattended since the experience of enlightenment.
In the beginning, you have to be aware of it, but in time, prayer becomes one with your existence, same the divine love reflection inside.

There are times when suddenly you feel the praying inside stronger than usual because you become conscious and aware of the praying inside your heart and mind.
Usually, it happens due to future events in your destiny or the beloved soul image.
Praying it’s like a shield against the blows of the destiny.
That’s why you have to become one with devotion.
You are not praying only in need because of suffering and hard times, but also in the moments of happiness and bliss.

Not too many words are needed to pray. Only one or few, it’s more than enough.
More important is the feeling of divine love from your heart.
You have to feel how the divine love from your heart is spreading around the whole existence. And your mind will be focused through words chosen to represent your heart feelings repeatedly.
In the end, like a drop of water, making a hole in the stone, your praying will cover your destiny.

There are other forms of praying, some that you might think are not a prayer.
A moment of listening to music that you like and moves your heart to tears, a moment in the middle of nature admiring the greatness of its existence in clouds, trees, water, mountains – everything is reflecting the divinity of love.
Divine Love created all the existence, so that’s why you feel love and connection through nature.
Art, culture, tradition, human love is another form of praying.
Anything that moves your heart to tears or focuses your mind (an idea, an accomplishment in life, a mindset) could be a form of praying.

It doesn’t matter what you choose in your heart to pray as long it’s filled with divine love.
It helps when you are praying that the image of divinity from your heart to be represented by the soul image revealed through divine love reflection in your heart.
It makes sense since the flame of love in your heart started with your beloved soul image.

The soul image chosen by Divine Love through feelings from my heart while praying is Her.
Oh, you might wonder why to choose a human being to represent Divine Love?!
I didn’t choose; divine love reflection feeling from my heart does it. And Divine Love is my God/Goddess.

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