Daily meditation: The face of divine love…

The door opened in my heart to the divine love existence is the most significant experience that happened in my life… And changed my destiny and life for aeons to come.

With eyes wide open, I can see Her…
Her face covers like a hollow of divine love my mind, heart and soul.
This happens whenever our souls make a connection beyond time and space.
One moment of her existence reality is translated inside my heart with feelings so deep as being together inside. It doesn’t even happen to look for or to meditate about this process.
It’s only happening.

Won’t matter the environment and place.
For example, my surrounding space is noisy, full of people, voices, faces, machines, and a lot of work… Yet, all I can feel and see is her sweet soul image face and echoes of her voice singing to my soul.

These events are a clear reflection of the present future with Her in my destiny.
It’s not an option or a feeling that you can run from it…
Anyway, who would want to run away from the divine love feelings inside?!
Who would give up on happiness and blissful moments like these?!

Of course, it doesn’t compare, and it’s not even close to a moment in reality with her soul image.
But if this happens missing Her… I can’t even imagine how it would be a moment in the present reality with Her.

Feeling the divine love reflection inside my heart contemplating her face and existence in this present reality worth more than all the possible futures combined without Her.
If there is a reality of Heaven in Multiverse where feeling Her like in these moments is the existence, then would be my home for aeons to come.
Probably already a version of my Self exists out there feeling Her.
And a reflection of that dimension is felt in this present reality with Her.

Time is disappearing in the infinite void of divine love feelings.
One moment of pure bliss feeling Her and eternity become that moment.
I wish I could share with her soul image some of these moments of pure bliss in the present reality. Or maybe are already felt by Her…

As I let myself bathing in moments of sadness from my heart, the same it happens in moments of pure bliss.
Moments like these give comfort to my soul image missing her soul image… Otherwise, life without Her in the present reality would be unbearable.

The connection between our souls it feels so strong when the face of her soul image covers my entire being with her existence.
The divine love sanctuary from my heart is filled with her presence.
My mind is lost in the translation of these feelings. And the present future vision with Her seems more relevant seeing and feeling the connection out of this world inside.

I do wonder sometimes if her soul image feels any moments of divine love or it is only one way around in this present reality or the past of present?!
What sign from the divine love reflected in our soul images existence won’t be seen as a coincidence, but a real signal from Her?!

Information notes:

The multiverse, also known as a maniverse, metaverse, meta verse, omniverse, meta-universe, or The Conglomerate (of universes), is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called “parallel universes”, “other universes”, “alternate universes”, or “alterverses”.

More info about “Multiverse”:


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