Daily meditation:

The Goddess Within revealed Her.

The Goddess Within is…

  • ‘That feeling of something inside us giving hope when there isn’t any, caressing our soul through awkward moments or painful memories, tutoring our mind through unbearable sins inherited from years of programmable religious and tradition teachings.’
  • ‘The other-self inside talking with us giving clues, blaming it for our mistakes or wondering why we didn’t listen to that advice.’
  • ‘The soul image that we are falling in love without understanding or knowing how did it happen.’

The Goddess Within for myself, is the divine love.

We have a special relationship… I try not to exist, and it gives me meaning to have to. At least until the final departure. In the past, it took a few times a soul image with its existence inside.

Why only some souls?!
Why not all souls?!

It is so hard when a soul image from inside can’t relate with the soul image outside and have to let go of feelings.
Not because of feelings or choices of the other soul image but due to destiny. Nothing else is to blame, otherwise would be unbearable for the mind. Would go crazy after so many beautiful moments under the shelter of love.

And there are many souls out there going crazy without awareness of the divine love reflection in their souls. If they knew about it, instead of doing stupid things or taking final decisions for their life, they would return to worship the Goddess Within inside.

That’s what happened in the past to get over the pain after soul image vanished outside. Being chosen by The Goddess Within wasn’t an easy thing. It’s like you gave up of one of your parts of the body.
Even if you let go, you still feel it inside all the time.
I blamed the destiny with every occasion and myself that I wasn’t good enough to keep it together with the connection.
But you can’t do anything if you want the other soul image to be happy.

Destiny always win. Once the soul image chose the path of fate, this is it. Either you help accomplish and hope that you will be a part of it forever or as long as possible, either you are just a dream.

I say ‘soul image’ because that’s how I perceive other human beings, as an image of their soul.
There are so many beautiful soul images. It’s that not all soul images aren’t beautiful, rather how much are aware of the existence of their soul or the divinity hidden inside.

And now The Goddess Within has chosen Her inside…
And I pray for the future that my soul won’t be only a dream in her existence.
At least a part of her life, I would like to help accomplish her dreams in destiny, even if it wouldn’t be forever.

I have to finish writing a fiction book about this Goddess Within in the middle of a year somehow…

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