Daily meditation:
The inner world way more beautiful than the outside world…

Lately, I realised why the hermits and spiritual beings stayed far away from society, living and meditating in the inside world of their hearts.
Passing by next to a shelter of dogs and cats looking for new owners, I felt deep in my heart their suffering. Runaway was faster than I entered inside, touching their hearts.

The outside world is cruel and hard to live on as a spiritual being. You have to close all doors to your soul so you can live in it.
While in the inner world, you can wide open all doors and feelings can pass freely through your heart.
The vacuum space inside my heart is not enough to fill it with the divine love feeling, and from time to time, it is spreading around existence.

That’s why in the past, the soul images from my life helped me to endure the outside world… And fit in this passing world.
For years ago, since my heart was alone in this world to take care through feelings of divine love, it became more demanding than before.
I believed every moment that I will give up and retire from the outside world.
In the end, I got used to it, adapted and lived like any reasonable human being.

Nowadays, because of Her, it became harder than anytime before due to opened heart by her soul image visions.
The dream that destiny will include at some point, our soul images together give strength in times of weakness losing hope seeing and feeling so much suffering in this life.

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Raz Mihal wrote 179 articles on this blog.

A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places.Writer and author of the book "Hearts of Love" (translation for English/Korean in progress). In works ( ◜‿◝ ): ♡ "Just Love HER" ♡ and ♡ "The Goddess Within" ♡

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