Deep meditation:
The hidden secret about mantras and prayers…

Mantras and prayers repeated daily connect our existence with the realm of divinity.

A mantra – repeating the same words continuously – can’t be done without feelings. Also, the meaning and divinity represented give the power and creation of that concept behind words repeated.

Looking from afar, it seems like for example, with a virtual world created by programmers nowadays with implications and influence in the real world.
It’s the same thing happening in our world connected with divinity through mantras, like using a spell opening the door for magic powers and portals to unseen worlds.

The private practice to repeat a mantra continuously in a few words is a practice for chosen devotees since ancient times.
In the past, it was a secret well kept behind the walls of monasteries, temples, and spiritual masters allowed to share it only by mouth to mouth the practice of mantras.
Due to technology and shared information, anyone interested in the numerous mantras and practices of different religions and beliefs can find more about it.

Most dominant religions or beliefs with many adepts have their secret mantra and practice as their dogma’s heart through divine love adoration.
Christianity has Hesychasm, Islam has Sufism, Hinduism has Bhakti Yoga, Buddhism has Tibetan Buddhism.

Mantras and prayers that are repeated continuously in:

  • Hesychasm: “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner.
  • Sufism: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.
  • Bhakti Yoga: ‘OM‘ or Aum sound.
  • Tibetan Buddhism: ‘Om mani Padme hum.

Mantra practices happened since ancient times and have been revealed in scriptures believed to have thousands of years in the past.
Every country or civilisation believe that they are the chosen ones. In the times of so-called apocalypse, they will lead the world’s remnants to the liberation and soul enlightenment.

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