Daily meditation: The silence between words…

Once in a while, start listening to the silence between words spoken.
In that silence is breathing out your heart and soul.

Silence empowers words and gives strength to their meaning.
Imagine there is no gap between words. It will be chaos in expressing your feelings and thoughts.

A reflective silence can truly make words meaning and feeling heard by other hearts and souls in search of enlightenment.
Listen to the words of great masters and enlightened souls from the past.
Their words not only that contain significant meanings but force your mind to take a break and listen to the silence between words. This way, your heart feelings can be translated by your soul.
Feelings awaken in your heart by the silence between words will have a say in your destiny towards enlightenment.

Divine… Love… 

Listen to the silence between both words with your heart. Feeling the meaning of both words connects you with the unseen realm of the soul.
No other part of your body will be able to recognise the divine love realm; only your soul bathed in the rays of sacred love reflection.

Love… Her… 

Same thing I’m doing in my daily meditation.
I listen to the silence between words chosen through my heart feelings. And quietly, information starts pouring in my mind’s screen, expressing the sense of Her inside.
Sometimes all it’s left is the silence—no words and stroll under the rain of feelings inside my heart.
Seldom it’s going even more profound and listen to the silence between perceptions from my heart, where only the divine love in the raw state resides.

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Raz Mihal wrote 179 articles on this blog.

A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places. Writer and author of the book "Hearts of Love" (translation for English/Korean in progress). In works ( ◜‿◝ ): ♡ "Just Love HER" ♡ and ♡ "The Goddess Within" ♡

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