Daily meditation:

The warmth of my heart – mana of my soul

If it’s something that I love of my physical Self is my heart. Everything else seems that it doesn’t relate to my soul.

My heart has never deceived me since it became the sanctuary for the divine love reflection.
At the beginning of practice, dozens of years ago had to endure a lot of pain, trials, deceptions, but in the end, the love persisted and settled in forever.
It pleased my soul being the ‘instrument’ that test and measure the rates of love breathing inside.
It was the unseen Master who guided me through the uncanny path of living with love as the purpose of my life.

Many years ago, my heart proved my belief that divine love lives in, and it won’t leave ever. Everything else could fail but not the tremble of my heart.
After the deception of failing to be with the beloved soul due to its decision for better material life, my heart broke up into pieces. Instead of giving up on love tremors, made me take the decision to become a beacon for other souls in search for that feeling that love is way more than it seems.

Why the need for another soul though if the love lives inside no matter what?!
Only another soul gives me the reason to exist in this material world with all of its shallow existence. Also proves that the connection between souls through divine love is not my imagination.

Following the unwritten rules of divine love, the other soul becomes one with the feelings from my heart. The other soul can choose the same path or different. The divine love proves its existence, but the decision is ours to follow the path or give up on the belief that love is much more than another simple thing from our material existence.
That’s the issue when you are not possessive and give total freedom to the choices of another soul due to this principle. In the end, it can heart you more than anything else in the material world.
Because the connection can’t be broken after, you only learn to live with the pain.

Is it worth to follow the warmth of the hearth, even knowing that could cause pain again and again?!
In the past, I thought that our souls will be together in the material world forever when life is dedicated to accomplishing desires and ideals of the beloved soul image chosen through my heart feelings.
That time living together for years meant an infinity for my soul. I could have been living my whole existence like that.
So I don’t feel sorry for that time. It’s not a time lost for me, as long as the beloved soul image is happy with the choices made and became aware of the divine love reflection.
I can’t do anything about though for the beloved soul image happiness falling in love with another soul. Their destinies will write the story of their life.

Now, what after feeling the warmth of my heart for Her?!
It’s just crazy only thinking about it.
Although nothing points out for a connection in this existence, my heart feels the relationship between our souls as it happens in reality.
Maybe it’s only for my heart this feeling a fact…
Only Her knows it.


Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe, in the culture of the Melanesians and Polynesians. Anyone or thing can have Mana. It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force.


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