Deep Meditation:
Times of silence – Just Love Her…

There are times when no words needed to express the feelings. Only silence listening to love whispers for Her.

Any thoughts born from the deeps of the heart disappears lost in the void of soul existence.
When the soul comes out to the entity’s surface, silence settles as an echo of its source reflection.
Life itself becomes a nuisance in front of the uncovered divine love filling in like a mist the heart feelings.

Sometimes silence reflects the struggles of happy sorrow from the heart due to the soul’s wishes for a better destiny close to Her.
The echo of her soul image existence, sprayed over the walls of heart gallery of deflected destiny in this existence, reflects the longing to have a glimpse of her presence in any reality where the soul has access through its visions.

Silence is the expectation of the failed connection between soul images. It spreads concern over the reality of visions and dreams between souls. Only the intense feeling of love connection with Her beyond any thoughts and reality checks keep-alive the belief that not everything is in vain.
There is still hope for this reality to connect with her soul image. As long as the heart is breathing through divine love in this life.

Silence leaves space for pure meditation without thoughts, dreams or visions. Only pure love missing Her.
It doesn’t have any expectations in this destiny or any other reality for that matter.

Feeling Her inside heart in deep meditation is like living the dreams and visions all at once.
In these moments of pure bliss touching her existence inside through our souls, it remains only the choice for her soul image to feel the connection. And make a decision if it comes to that at some point of her destiny.

Silence is the secret factor that souls can use against failed destiny, challenging life and difficult choices.
It takes one moment of pure silence to hear the voice and echo of love deep inside our heart and start the enlightenment process through divine love.

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Raz Mihal wrote 173 articles on this blog.

A modern hermit who admires art, photography, beautiful souls and places. Writer and author of the book "Hearts of Love" (translation for English/Korean in progress). In works ( ◜‿◝ ): ♡ "Just Love HER" ♡ and ♡ "The Goddess Within" ♡

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