Daily meditation:
Walking meditation following Her steps…

My spiritual journey to Seoul is to complete the visions of my soul, feeling Her closer following the shadow of her steps.
It’s now a part of my destiny from the present reality and future, not just a dream anymore.

Every day my meditation footsteps are guided by divine love inside feeling Her.
Few places where I wanted to feel Her presence in the past of present are revealed day by day.
Sometimes it happens to realise about a place feeling Her so intense and hit me instantly to my head:
“Oh, this is one of the places where I wish I were in the past to see Her in reality, not just in my dreams!”

All the time walking close to my beloved friend Han River, I felt its calling to talk through whispers of its waves. I promise you, my dear friend, that for sure a lot of time we will communicate together be it snow or rain.
For the moment, we shared the first sunset together, feeling Her.
Anyway, I admired your beauty, and soon we will cuddle feeling both the touch of her soul image existence.

I had to write while walking because of my weak mind memory that is lost, translating feelings from the deeps of my heart.
I wonder if Her feels these moments at the same time or it’s only one way?!

Although cold, the sun warms up my heart and soul with its rays of divine love.
And my precious friend Han River takes away my thoughts and worries above its tides.

These times with Her require listening Adele (“One and only”, “Take it all”, “Set fire to the rain”)… As my heart is crying inside and out, feeling Her too close.
From the deeps of my heart, my soul whispers are passing through the echo of its sorrow:

"And I miss Her so much… more than ever!
그리고 그 어느 때보다도 그녀가 너무 보고 싶어요!
(Geurigo geu oneu ttaebodado geunyoga nomu bogo sipoyo!)"

So close now through our soul images, yet Her is so far away in time.
Good thing that no one is close by to see a stupid mature person shedding tears of nothingness feeling Her.

Some visions already happened in a few days since in Seoul.
So what’s come next to my sweet-sour Destiny?!

Adele Songs Playlist 2020

Adele Songs Playlist 2020

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