Daily meditation: 사랑해 (Saranghae) – I love you…

In the silence of my heart, it’s rising more and more the wail of feelings of my soul spreading to whole existence searching with the clouds for her soul image in the sky of Seoul.
My heart, looking from above the city, start flooding its feelings to let Her know and hear the voice calling her name with love.
In the void of my being the soul echo whisper in the shadow of reality “사랑해… (Saranghae…)”, followed by the real name of Her echoed in the ripple effect of divine love inside.

Why in Korean and not in any other language or my born one?!
It doesn’t make sense anymore for these words and feelings in other sounds other than the original one.
Her, being a part of my heart for some time, makes me feel her presence as being Korean.
While in Seoul, it made even more consistent the feeling inside to love her Korean reality, hence the need to hear and feel the sound of love “사랑해 (Saranghae)” calling Her.

Maybe it will be forgotten in the shallow destiny, but remembered and written in the dust of eternity. And embedded through the clouds in the sky, nature on the earth and whispers of love in the wind.

The calling is following from now on all my existence as my new praying of love inside:
“사랑해… (Saranghae…) Followed by her real name in my heart!”

[MV] LYn(린) _ Love Story (The Legend of The Blue Sea(푸른 바다의 전설) OST Part.1)

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