Daily meditation:
41 nights in Seoul, Korea of Divine Love…

One year ago, I wouldn’t believe if someone told me that this year my life would change because of Her and the Divine Love will send me to Seoul.

The best thing is that I feel Her closer and it’s way easier than being far away as distance speaking.
I couldn’t understand why Seoul due to Divine Love until I came here and the real impact of Her started to unravel.
I feel Her on every space around my existence while in Seoul.

Wandering around Seoul while walking, feeling the divine love, meditation is bliss for my soul.
Mind empty and just walking loving Her.
And Divine Love take my steps and surprise me at every moment.
It takes me in places that I wish I were in that time and place in the past of present to see Her, to feel its soul image existence.

My mind is not happy, though…
All the time here will imply its non-existence. Not needed other than usual things that mind is supposed to do.
But in matters of the heart access not granted.
It means no actions, no expectations, no reality, just pure love and bliss due to Her.

Sometimes I struggle to keep my tears of love to flow outside in the open.
But inside, rivers of divine love tears pours all the time.
It feels like stepping on the clouds of love walking all day long.
Love inside flush away all tiredness, and my heart is singing the melody of eternal souls.

I start to feel the past lives of my soul, touching the earth of Seoul.
It feels like home.
Looking at the faces of people, I feel the Divine Love covering the sky all around us.
And I’m just wondering… Am I the only the crazy one feeling it?!
I close my eyes in those moments and start spreading the love felt like an ocean to all the existence.
I dream of times when people will be happy living in eternal connection with the Divine Love.

How can I thank Her for reopening my heart wide open to Divine Love for this world?!
Long-time ago, my heart was broken to pieces and lost my trust in existence.
I thought maybe I’m not worthy of sharing the divine love with a soul image.
That’s the beauty of destiny. You don’t have to be with the soul image chosen.
Sorrow and happiness mixed is the feeling of enlightenment – the happy sorrow feeling.

And finally, I feel the beauty of why “Just Love Her“.

Sew Your Heart – 김경희 (Kim Kyung Hee) | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) OST Various Artist MV

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