Daily meditation:
Love meditation – free your soul – the path to enlightenment through human love between two soul images…

Next, it’s my love meditation exposed for more than dozens of years of practice. I won’t say it works for everyone, but that’s your option to practice to test if it’s true or not.

Choose a relaxed position that suits you either standing on a chair or lay down on the bed, but the only important thing is to be sure that you won’t fall while meditating.

Feel your mind, heart and belly connected with the divine love from your heart as love flows from your heart to the outside world.

During this time always repeat a mantra of love which is best for you:
“Divine Love, praise to you!”
“Divine Love, bless our hearts!”
Or it can be no mantra just the awareness and consciousness of divine love feeling in your heart.

Imagine the loved one in your heart and mind connecting through eyes with soul.

Respiration should be done with a deep inspiration – fillings lungs full of air – and expiration – empty full lungs of air, expand belly while doing it.

Feel the energy of love in and around you and spread it, flowing from your heart as you become one with the image of the loved one inside.
Feel the loved one as being one with you.

Nichita Stanescu

Nichita Stănescu (Romanian pronunciation: [niˈkita stəˈnesku]; born Nichita Hristea Stănescu; 31 March 1933 – 13 December 1983) was a Romanian poet and essayist.

“…if I can love / is enough for me / and is my smile / and is my dream / if I can love.
In the end, at the shadow / I sang: / if someone can love / is emperor / if someone is loved / is infinite / and if there is a love / from voids is born full.”
“So much I loved her, that the sky itself bend blue.”

More info about “Nichita Stanescu“:


Lucian Blaga

Lucian Blaga (Romanian: [lut͡ʃiˈan ˈblaɡa] (listen); 9 May 1895 – 6 May 1961) was a Romanian philosopher, poet, playwright and novelist.

“We and the Earth. / Every time we walk / on earth, / the earth kiss our soles. / Is happy that we don’t leave him.”

More info about “Lucian Blaga“:


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