Deep meditation:
The practice and benefits of mantras – prayers of divine love…

Prayers and mantras of divine love are slightly different from other beliefs due to heart feelings being more personal and seeing divinity of love as having a shrine inside our hearts.

Mantras become only a praying repeated continuously, through feelings of love, while walking on the path to the enlightenment through divine love, being so intense in some point that words not needed, only spreading the love around our existence.

The relation is more personal due to the vision of love between souls, and God becomes divine love reflection in the beloved soul image revealed in our heart during praying. Hence Love is God.
Mantras don’t use words that suggest a cold relationship or a conception of relation with divinity due to fear of punishment.
Love is the only concept needed as the connection between souls through divine love.
Divinity representation of love it isn’t mandatory as a masculine or feminine concept. It depends on the beloved soul image revealed through the heart feelings.
When it becomes pure energy – only divine love exists as a representation of feelings revealed for aeons inside our hearts and souls.

Prayers of divine love occur around the beloved soul’s feelings as the core, which is revealed in our heart through feelings being aware and conscious that divine love exists as a deity.
Words don’t matter and sometimes not needed; only the feeling that love felt in our heart is a deity.
Mantras can be prayers from religions or beliefs chosen or cherished by our souls.
It can be even the name of the beloved soul image, declaring our love for its soul existence.

It matters a lot to recognise that the feelings of love have divine love as a source.
We have to try to be aware and conscious every moment about the connection with the divine love existence as a deity through our heart until only love exists inside of our hearts and minds and nothing else.
This way, we become one with the divine love.

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