Daily meditation:

Moments of love… beyond ‘simple’ love… moments of Her…

Burning heart… painful memories from the past… dreaming of past lives while sleeping…
Some people are born just to be loved, others to live in pain and others only to share their love.

Sometimes I want to let go of me to feel the love inside and not sharing any thoughts about feelings…
But how else the soul image whom I see the divine love reflection be aware of its existence ever in this reality.
When I became aware for the first time of divine love reflection in human love, it was like discovering that thou didn’t know anything about the food eating every day.
There is so much more in the background, feeling the love. And so much more meaning in understanding a simple thing that is happening every day.

Many times I just wanted to let myself immerse in the feeling of loving Her and just shouting inside my heart that I love Her and nothing else.
But the echo inside my heart didn’t go silent until the words were released for Her to know…
What good is in Her knowing about my feelings?!
It’s enough that my heart is tormented loving Her… why bother Her with mere thoughts about feelings?!

Searching for myself but not being here… Myself is gone into Her being… somewhere close to Han River.
In some moments, I feel Her so close that my existence vanishes. Like a ghost of the past lives coming to haunt me.

Hearing about love around me brings up instantly her soul image from the deep of my heart in the front of my eyes. Like a shadow of Her existence.
Is this love so real that I can’t deny it even if my mind talks so much about illusions and lost sense of reality?!
Only Her knows… I’m just following my heart and only the path ahead of my soul.
The divine love is my life, so probably I will die loving Her with or without me in her reality.
Tears… of joy feeling Her in my heart… or for sorrow of my sad reality… that I see numerous possible paths of the destiny.
I wonder if it’s any possibility that our paths int he future will converge at some point or will be a story in the forgotten life path.

One thing is sure…
I can’t give up on reminding Her about forgotten feelings from the past lives, especially that the awareness of divine love was awakened deep inside my heart again for her soul image.
This connection isn’t happening too many times in one’s life… or at all.

Han River (Korea)

The Han River or Hangang (Korean pronunciation: [ha(ː)n.ɡaŋ]) is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok (Yalu), Tuman (Tumen), and Nakdong rivers.
The river begins as two smaller rivers in the eastern mountains of the Korean peninsula, which then converge near Seoul, the capital of the country.


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