Daily meditation:
Unique moments of love feeling Her in Seoul, Korea

I will miss the most being in Seoul the feeling of closeness to her existence all around the places.

I feel like a stranger in this world anywhere I go due to peculiar love inside my heart.
Inside my heart is the only place where I don’t feel an outsider.
I don’t question why this impression, maybe it’s not related to any place but the illusion of the existence of life itself.
I dream of a life in one of the realities where her soul image exists in the same space and time as my soul image and sharing a destiny.

I’ve begged so many times of happy sorrow feeling missing Her for a sign of her soul image existence, feelings and future hopes in this reality.
Received only coincidences could conclude in many ways — connections with places, people, past lives, beliefs, and other realities, yet nothing related to this reality.

Following my heart feelings, though, with all my mind doubts of reality as in my visions, it feels so real her existence and connection with my soul that it’s no possibility to deny.
The holiday to Seoul gave some consistency to visions of places where I saw Her.
It opened some doors to the past lives and experiences with Her. And her vision presence shared a glimpse of the connection in reality with her soul image adored in my heart feelings’ perceptions.

Future holds my heart and soul prone to create in reality a fiction story of divine love reflection in the existence of human love shared further to the hearts of love in the search for a higher meaning behind the feelings.

Namsan Tower – N Seoul Tower – Metal Heart Love Sculpture

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