Daily meditation:
Walking meditation while feeling divine love for Her…

Long walks around Seoul while feeling the divine love for Her settle me in a state of meditation for hours.
It became a daily habit to stroll around Seoul being aware and conscious of every step touching the earth while walking. Feeling space around me, people’s emotions and lives, running on the path of their destinies, led me to experience the oneness of Korea.
Another travel locations explored in the world didn’t experience these sensations, although I felt the connection with the past.

It’s all because Her opened the doors to divine love for her soul image. It goes back to the Joseon Kingdom and recognising the past life of my soul.
Past existences of my soul came to chase me contemplating the events from Namsan Tower and places reenacting the history of once a vast empire.
Although not understanding any words I felt to the tears, the shadows of the past lives’ feelings slicing through my heart.

Seeing the monuments dedicated to the freedom movement from the history of Korea opened the door of my heart feeling tears of sorrow and suffering for past lives of my soul long forgotten.
If I was in doubt of dreaming about my past lives and why travelling to Seoul, not anymore.

Who knows what troubling existence shared with Her along the time.
Under the spell of feelings had a short vision of Her sharing the past in small village washing clothes and her face full of joy and laughter. Her beauty overwhelmed my heart to tears.
Souls carry the love over aeons and never forget the beloved soul. If there is a time in the same destiny to come together with the precious soul, the soul image born with will not have peace until the death apart.

Information notes:

The Joseon dynasty (also transcribed as Chosŏn or Chosun, Korean: 대조선국; 大朝鮮國, lit. ‘Great Chosun Country’) was a Korean dynastic kingdom that lasted for approximately five centuries. Joseon was founded by Yi Seong-gye in July 1392 and was replaced by the Korean Empire in October 1897. It was founded following the aftermath of the overthrow of Goryeo in what is today the city of Kaesong. Early on, Korea was retitled and the capital was relocated to modern-day Seoul. The kingdom’s northernmost borders were expanded to the natural boundaries at the rivers of Amnok and Tuman through the subjugation of the Jurchens. Joseon was the last dynasty of Korea and its longest-ruling Confucian dynasty…

More info about “Joseon Kingdom“:


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